11th August *



Mervyn Edwards


My 30 years career as a police officer in the Thames

valley police - walking the beat to Nirvana.

  25th August *

Captain Adrian McCourt

The Trinity House story, one of Britain`s best kept secret

   8th September *

Denise Beddows

Buckinghamshire spies & subversives

  22nd September *

Bernie Knill

c/o, Charlotte Clark

Benjamin Disraeli - The most unlikely Prime Minister.         Ladies Lunch

  13th October

Dr Wendy Morrison

Investigating a prehistoric Chiltern landscape

  27th October

Nicholas Henderson

The England… where did it come from?

  10th November


Hilary Brad

Dragon`s Blood and Desert Roses; The Yemeni Island of Socotra

  24th November


Dr Ruti Sobel

The remarkable story of two Russian women who fought as soldiers in the Russian army

  8th December


Paul Whittle

Steam to Mandalay, a 1200- mile tour of reclusive Myanmar (Burma) by vintage steam train



Speaker`s name

Title of the talk

12th January


Tony Eaton

                                    The curious disappearance of Major Glen Miller

26th January


Alan Corbett

Cultures-European & Arabic- Why are culture clashes inevitable?

9th February


Dr Ruti Sobel

 Vera Zasulich a woman revolutionary who was acquitted by a jury despite her admission of making an attempt on the life of tsarist general; Sofia Perovskaya – the Russian woman-revolutionary who participated in the attempts on the life of tsar Alexander.

23rd February


Tony Torrance

The Suez crisis

9th March


Helen Fry

Spymaster-the man who saved MI6

23rd March


Dr Wendy Morrison

Investigating a prehistoric Chiltern landscape

13th April


Colin Oaks

Eccentric London, the strange and the bizarre

27th April


Graham Twemlow

“British Posters artists/London underground/railway/Shell posters”.

11th May


Tony Eaton

The Rudolf Hess cover-up


25th May



Jeff Rozelaar


Lawrence of Arabia







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