Speaker`s Name

 Title of Talk

   13tht January

Sacha Sarshar

History of oil& gas exploration &more

Uses and abuses of this source of energy

   27th January

Lucia Gahlin

Egyptian art. Art for after life

   10th February

R. Galichian

Armenia, history, and wars. Armenia and Azerbaijan 2600 years of mapping

   24th February

M. Takin

Price of oil- Market forces, politics, conspiracy, speculation…?

   10th March

Flowa Hudson (speaker)

Charlotte Lee/MSF

The plight of refugees worldwide

   24th March


AI& machine learning

   14th April

Terry Stone

The ME & the Arab world

   28th April

Dan Allen

Women & the Victorian army

   12th May

Ch. Piggott

British in India

   26th May

Peter Slater

Don`t u know who I am?  Sports reporter

   9th June

Erika Scarth

Greenpeace on environment?

   23rd June

Dr. Thomas Cheetham

Bletchley Park story& Alan Turing

   7th July

Sacha Sarshar

Mossadegh, the traitor or patriot of Persia





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