26 AUG20

Andrew Thomas

The story of English freedom

09 Sep 20

Alistair Hodgson

Salisbury hall& the history of De Havilland

23 SEP 20

John Webster

Grandma Flew Spitfires

07 Oct 20

Nicholas Klingaman

Science of Tropical cyclone prediction

21 Oct 20

Sally Cunningham

Organic Gardening

4 Nov 20

Joy Svasti-Salee

Multinational& Corporation Taxation issues (Not at all what you expect)

18 Nov 20

Nigel Smales

Army film unit & D-Day

O2 Dec. 20

Terrance Barkan

Graphene the wonder material( a pre recorded talk from the USA due to time zone differences)

16 Dec 20

Bob Sinfield

The gag trade life as a comedy writer




Access to these talks will be by Probus Beaconsfield Old Town private invitation only using the Zoom format.

Terrance Barkan talk on Graphene 02nd Dec20

Graphene, the wonder material- Talk by Terrance Barkan-02nd December 2020

1900 can be called the century of “plastics” and 21st century can be called the age of “Graphene”

The story of graphene`s origin, the “wonder material”, is legendary. In 2004, while at the University of Manchester in the UK, Professor Sir Andre Geim and Professor Sir Kostya Novoselov isolated a single atomic layer of carbon for the first time. They used what has become known as the ‘Scotch tape method’, which as it implies, involves the use of sticky tape to cleave apart ever thinner layers of graphite until ultimately just a single atomic layer of carbon remained. For this discovery they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 which helped to fuel an explosion of university- based research that continues today.

Terrance will show what graphene is, Its main properties and applications in various industries. He will describe the potential future of this wonder material and will describe the development work being carried out by different research organisations and countries.

Graphene is described as: • The thinnest material known to man. • The strongest material ever measured. • The best conductor of electricity. • Nearly transparent (as a single layer of carbon). • The best conductor of heat. The race is certainly on to introduce new products which will surpass all expectations and will affect our lives. 


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